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You maybe know Stefano Torossi's masterpiece Feelings on the UK library label Conroy. This one is a rarer pressing on the Italian label Carosello, coming with a beautiful sexy cover ! It is surprisingly credited to the mysterious Jay Richford & Gary Stevan, but it sure is an alias for Torossi. Superb crime funk and groovy jazz on the whole album, my favourite tracks being "Fearing Much" and "Running Fast". The rhythm section is as strong as on KPM, the strings arrangements have something of Stringtronics' Mindbenders, and the electric piano is just splendid. One of the best library LP that exists. Notice that a Brazilian pressing was released too the same day and reissue later.

Styles : Illustration SonoreEuropean Grooves
Format : 33T
Label : carosello Pressage : LP - TT - 067
Année : 1975 Pays : Italia
Staff : contribuer
Cote : G
Note du contributeur : Excellent disque (un ou deux killer tracks)
Excellent disque (un ou deux killer tracks)
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N° Groovecollector Guide : 2605
# Artiste Titre  
1 stefano torossi flying high
2 stefano torossi going home
3 stefano torossi walking in the dark
4 stefano torossi fighting for life
5 stefano torossi feeling
6 stefano torossi running fast
7 stefano torossi loving tenderly
8 stefano torossi fearing much
9 stefano torossi being friendly
10 stefano torossi having fun
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STEFANO TOROSSI - feelings   stefano torossi
Année : 1975
format : 33T
Label : carosello
Pressage : LP - TT - 067 Italia
STEFANO TOROSSI - beat in ampex   stefano torossi  
beat in ampex
Année : 1970's
format : 33T
Label : montecarlo
Pressage : sm5009 Italia
STEFANO TOROSSI - pianoforte   stefano torossi  
Année : 1986
format : 33T
Label : costanza
Pressage : co8603 Italia
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