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The first release on the label: Les Disques Cosmic Groove !!!

The French band, featuring members from the Strawberry Smell & The Cryptones, has always been involved in the jerk and 60's beat scene.
During the years 2004 & 2005, they performed on several places, opening gigs before James Taylor Quartet or Big Boss Man, and more recently before Mike Painter & The Family Shakers at the Sunslice Festival in Toulon.
This first single is a killer one! Obviously influenced by Ananda Shankar, the title "Sitarmania" features a joyful upbeat rhythm and opens with a killer drum intro with moog. Then comes the exotic sound of the sitar responding to the strong sound of the Hammond, the groove of the wah-wah guitar & the funky bass lines.
A terrific delight offering several breaks inside! The flip side "L'homme Grenouille" is a little softer.
It opens with a nice electric piano and goes on with the juicy beat with spacey moog. In the middle, appears a breathless and jerky Hammond organ solo in a pure Alan Hawkshaw style.


Styles : European GroovesPop 60s / Jerk
Format : 45T (SP 2 titres)
Label : cosmic groove Pressage : groove cosmique 01
Année : 2006 Pays : France
Staff : marie julie arnal (hammond organ),  philippe dias (guitar,sitar,fuzz),  cyril jean (electric piano,moog),  olivier vaillant (bass),  thierry gonzales (drums),  marie julie arnal (composition),  philippe dias (compositions)
Cote : A
Note du contributeur : Disque essentiel et incontournable
Disque essentiel et incontournable
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N° Groovecollector Guide : 2818
# Artiste Titre  
1 stereoscope jerk explosion sitarmania
2 stereoscope jerk explosion l'homme grenouille
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STEREOSCOPE JERK EXPLOSION - bumblebee / moog traffic   stereoscope jerk explosion
bumblebee / moog traffic
Année : 2006
format : 45T (SP 2 titres)
Label : cosmic groove
Pressage : groove cosmique 08 France
STEREOSCOPE JERK EXPLOSION - oh flute alors ! / cat mandoo   stereoscope jerk explosion  
oh flute alors ! / cat mandoo
Année : 2010's
format : 45T (SP 2 titres)
Label : cosmic groove
Pressage : groove cosmique 013 France
STEREOSCOPE JERK EXPLOSION - la ¨panthère pop   stereoscope jerk explosion  
la ¨panthère pop
Année : 2000's
format : 33T Gatefold
Label : cosmic groove
Pressage : groove cosmique 011LP France
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