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This is the single taken from the eponym LP by Reality, the band behind Tony and The Reality, a famous dutch afro groove band. The good point is the Bside “Mack On” is maybe the best track from the record, a long percussive introduction leading to a funky burner, so you don’t need to spend mad money for the brasilian or even rarer dutch press of the long player.

Style : Afro Funk / Afro Beat / Afro Jazz Fusion
Format : 45T (SP 2 titres)
Label : scramble Pressage : SRS 510.083
Année : 1978 Pays : Nederland
Staff : jules mc.donald (bass guitar),  leslie vos (singer),  william lindfors jr. (drums),  roël burnet (congas),  rudy van wilgen (timbals),  glenn gaddum (organ),  renold shearman (singer),  frank douglas (guitar)
Cote : C
Note du contributeur : Excellent
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N° Groovecollector Guide : 2565
# Artiste Titre  
1 reality war
2 reality mack on
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REALITY - war / mack on   reality
war / mack on
Année : 1978
format : 45T (SP 2 titres)
Label : scramble
Pressage : SRS 510.083 Nederland
REALITY - reality   reality
Année : 1972
format : 33T
Label : blue elephant
Pressage : 855.012 H Nederland
REALITY - tell me what's going on your mind   reality  
tell me what's going on your mind
Année : 1981
format : 45T (SP 2 titres)
Label : mca
Pressage :
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