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Some rare Modern Soul singles Vol 1. (1975-1985)
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Le 16/01/2008 par sy555 3 / 5
Exceptional album by this 60-70's soul/funk group--- a combination of Chicago, Tower of Power, Jimi Hendrix? (check out Guitar Man, and compare it to Hendrix's Have You Seen Her cut on the Machine Gun album) and the Brecker Brother's Dreams. Julie Nixon was released as a single from the album. Although possessing a snappy, electric popular sound for its time, "Julie Nixon" did not seem to have much circulation, with distribution primarily around the New York City area. From their Chicago-like tempo of Today's Another Day to the blitz-paced Shuffle, Mother Night presented a variety of styles, perhaps to its detriment, as their public may have asked what style did they possess...which one was truly their's. But for that part of their public that didn't mind their versatility and obvious mastery of instrumentation, this, their first album came across very well, reflecting the strength of a brassy group like Blood Sweat and Tears and bold funkiness of the popular African rock group Osibisa. Definitely an album worth getting and converting to digital

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