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An Italian cop movie geared towards the US blaxploitation sound. Two killer groovy tunes "Gunz Concerto" and "New York by Night". Featuring Shawn Robinson and Alessandro Alessandroni I Cantori Moderni on vocals.

This is an Italian film that for some reason was not released in America even though it stars an Italian-American actor (Richard Conte) and is about an Italian-American priest (Father Salvatore Anastasia) who was at Santa Lucia Church in the Bronx. Father “Sal” was the brother of Albert Anastasia of Murder, Inc. fame in Brooklyn and a ruthless killer was assonated in a Manhattan barber shop. Father Sal’s other brother “Tough Tony” Anastasia was the boss of the Brooklyn docks and also a crime member although he died of “natural causes”. After the death of Tony, Father Sal, who buried both his brothers in shame, retired and went back to Calabria, Italy where he wrote the book, the same name as the movie, and made his brother Albert as a “Robin-Hood” type with some comedy attached. A few years later in 1973, the movie was released. Father Sal died the same year.

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Styles : Films EuropéensEuropean Grooves
Format : 33T
Label : rca Pressage : OLS 20
Année : 1973 Pays : Italia
Staff : contribuer
Cote : D
Note du contributeur : Excellent disque (un ou deux killer tracks)
Excellent disque (un ou deux killer tracks)
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N° Groovecollector Guide : 2514
# Artiste Titre  
1 piero piccioni surprise pastorale
2 piero piccioni america dreaming
3 piero piccioni new york ! new york !
4 piero piccioni rockin'chair stomp
5 piero piccioni little italy
6 piero piccioni sweet marimbas
7 piero piccioni gunz concerto
8 piero piccioni love in brooklyn
9 piero piccioni feeling low blues
10 piero piccioni swingin'at savoy
11 piero piccioni mariposa rosada
12 piero piccioni new york by night
13 piero piccioni the american dream
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PIERO PICCIONI - anastasia mio fratello   piero piccioni
anastasia mio fratello
Année : 1973
format : 33T
Label : rca
Pressage : OLS 20 Italia
PIERO PICCIONI - tutto a posto e niente in ordine   piero piccioni
tutto a posto e niente in ordine
Année : 1974
format : 33T
Label : beat
Pressage : LPF 027 Italia
PIERO PICCIONI - lucky luciano   piero piccioni  
lucky luciano
Année : 1973
format : 33T
Label : cbs
Pressage : 70130 Italia
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