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Very spooky and funky trip by Jean-Pierre Massiera and his guys. "Kriminal Theme" of course, with its dark break intro, monster psychedelic, drugged-out groove and bizarre effects with fuzz and moog. I can number five different pressings at least for this crazy album !

Styles : European GroovesPsyché
Format : 33T
Label : az Pressage : STEC LP 51
Année : 1968 Pays : France
Staff : jean-pierre massiera (lead)
Cote : D
Note du contributeur : Excellent
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N° Groovecollector Guide : 2615
# Artiste Titre  
1 maledictus sound kriminal theme
2 maledictus sound the whistler
3 maledictus sound inside my brain
4 maledictus sound blues section club
5 maledictus sound concerto genocide
6 maledictus sound transfer from the modulation
7 maledictus sound ams... tram... gram...
8 maledictus sound entrac' theme
9 maledictus sound radio pirate program
10 maledictus sound stupidly made in gaulle
11 maledictus sound jim clark was driving recklessly
12 maledictus sound dark sky
13 maledictus sound crazy circus
14 maledictus sound art director
15 maledictus sound heathcliff i cry your name
16 maledictus sound monsters cocktail
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MALEDICTUS SOUND - maledictus sound   maledictus sound
maledictus sound
Année : 1968
format : 33T
Label : az
Pressage : STEC LP 51 France
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