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Fabulous pop orchestra with strings, brass and reeds ... Very rare library LP ... Personnally the best of Pierre Porte. Exist a Reissue by Vadim music. Killer LP all long !!!

"From a classic base, Pierre Porte's inspiration mixes a variety of musical blends, the most modern, the most skilful, here the art of counterpoint and fugue join with the sounds of Rock and Jazz, in such a way that the main great themes stay, once heard, very present in the soul of the public."

track listing:

1. Pop Ouverture 2. The Walk 3. Inner Circle 4. Royal Flush 5. The Lazy Game 6. Streamline 7. Pop Lords 8. Pell Mell 9. A La Cour 10. Masked Ball 11. The Sun King 12. Final Piece

Styles : Illustration SonoreEuropean Grooves
Format : 33T
Label : crea sound Pressage : MON 12 ( modiophone )
Année : 1970's Pays : France
Staff : contribuer
Cote : D
Note des visiteurs : Excellent
N° Groovecollector Guide : 19025
Mr Pal "the soulful spirit" in Paris. Dj, Crate digger, Music Collector, Consultant for Music label and for the "Groove Collector" Team. Also Art director from "La Palprod" Agency, Member of the "Big Cheese Records", Organisator with friends of the "Paris Rare Groove Day" Festival and Dj Resident for "Bagogrooves" parties in Paris ! Enter our universe, visit our website, Listen our funky sound, enjoy & have a good trip !!! You wish to call upon our services ... please contact us...
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Le 24/04/2010 par bootzilla 5 / 5
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PIERRE PORTE - claviers unlimited   pierre porte  
claviers unlimited
Année : 1970's
format : 33T
Label : crea sound
Pressage : MON 17 France
PIERRE PORTE - electric ice   pierre porte  
electric ice
Année : 1985
format : 33T
Label : pierjenn
Pressage : PRJ 1009 France
PIERRE PORTE - a musical picture   pierre porte  
a musical picture
Année : 1970's
format : 33T
Label : crea sound
Pressage : MON 12 ( modiophone ) France
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