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The very small Italian label Squirrel has a unique sound. This library LP is a kind of musical world tour, and the band seems to travel from a destination to another, giving a powerful and sharp groove. The downtempo "Accadde a Bali" of course, once sampled by Madlib, is very similar to Alain Goraguer's La planète sauvage, "Accadde a Harlem" and "Accadde a Belfast" have an infectious funky sound and of course incredible breaks for abstract hip-hop.

Styles : Illustration SonoreEuropean Grooves
Format : 33T
Label : squirrel Pressage : SQLP 20014
Année : 1970 Pays : Italia
Staff : contribuer
Cote : F
Note du contributeur : Excellent disque (un ou deux killer tracks)
Excellent disque (un ou deux killer tracks)
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N° Groovecollector Guide : 2526
# Artiste Titre  
1 arawak accade a harlem
2 arawak accade a cuzcu
3 arawak accade a bali
4 arawak accade a bahia
5 arawak accade a belfast
6 arawak accade a tutti noi
7 arawak accade a las vegas
8 arawak accade in biafra
9 arawak accade a yellow park
10 arawak accade a lima
11 arawak accade ad atene
12 arawak accade a boston
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ARAWAK - accadde a...   arawak  
accadde a...
Année : 1970
format : 33T
Label : squirrel
Pressage : SQLP 20014 Italia
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