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Alan Hawkshaw and Brian Bennett, the marvellous pair from KPM that gave us the killer funk "The Name of the Game". Lots of wild material ! Tough breaks provided by Brian Bennett, loud bass lines and crazey clavinet ! Very funky and very useful if you are after dope LOOPs : "Mon amour" is a smooth funk, "Oddball" is hard funk electro with break, "Daytripper" is a fat funk number that could make a house hit, "Mile High Swinger" has a pure Hanged Man sound, while "Auto Pilot" has a pulsating groove with electric piano and synthesizer. Check "Driving Force" and "Pacesetter" too for electroid prog funk. Last but not least, "Funky Chicken" has funky synths & loops. And Alan Hawkshaw, Mister 'Mohawks' himself, has to be heard on wah wah clavinet... Terrific !

Styles : Illustration SonoreEuropean Grooves
Format : 33T
Label : themes Pressage : TIM 1012
Année : 1974 Pays : United Kingdom
Staff : contribuer
Cote : D
Note du contributeur : Excellent
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N° Groovecollector Guide : 2634
# Artiste Titre  
1 alan hawkshaw & brian bennett mon amour
2 alan hawkshaw & brian bennett oddball
3 alan hawkshaw & brian bennett daytripper
4 alan hawkshaw mile high swinger a.
5 alan hawkshaw mile high swinger b.
6 alan hawkshaw & brian bennett auto-pilot
7 alan hawkshaw & brian bennett pacesetter
8 alan hawkshaw & brian bennett home run
9 alan hawkshaw & brian bennett driving force
10 alan hawkshaw & brian bennett action man
11 alan hawkshaw funky chicken
12 alan hawkshaw jolly roger
13 alan hawkshaw dumbo
14 alan hawkshaw plain song
15 alan hawkshaw fanfair
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ALAN HAWKSHAW - the all american powerhouse   alan hawkshaw  
the all american powerhouse
Année : 1976
format : 33T
Label : themes
Pressage : TIM 1018 United Kingdom
ALAN HAWKSHAW - synthesizer and percussion   alan hawkshaw  
synthesizer and percussion
Année : 1974
format : 33T
Label : themes
Pressage : TIM 1012 United Kingdom
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