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First album of this Blue-eyed soul band 8th day knows for their talented bassist "Tony Newton", including the killer track "she's not just another woman".

Style : Blue-eyed soul funk / Psychedelic funk
Format : 33T
Label : invictus Pressage : ST-7306
Année : 1971 Pays : USA
Staff : clyde wilson (vocal),  tony newton (bass),  lynn harter (artist),  melvin davis (artist),  michael anthony (artist),  bruce nazarian (artist),  carole stallings (artist),  anita sherman (artist),  jerry paul (artist)
Cote : B
Note du contributeur : Pas mal
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N° Groovecollector Guide : 985
# Artiste Titre  
1 8th day (the) she's not just another woman
2 8th day (the) you've got to crawl before you walk
3 8th day (the) too many cooks
4 8th day (the) la-de-dah
5 8th day (the) enny-meeny-miny-mo (three's a crowd)
6 8th day (the) just as long
7 8th day (the) i can't fool myself
8 8th day (the) i'm worried
9 8th day (the) i've come to save you
Steven, 36 years old ............, Sagitarius ..............., France - Marseille .................. Highlight: Everything I do gonna be funky from now on !
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8TH DAY - 8th day (1971)   8th day
8th day (1971)
Année : 1971
format : 33T
Label : invictus
Pressage : ST-7306 USA
8TH DAY - i gotta get home   8th day
i gotta get home
Année : 1973
format : 33T
Label : invictus
Pressage : ST-9809 USA
8TH DAY -  8th day (1983)   8th day
8th day (1983)
Année : 1983
format : 33T
Label : a&m
Pressage : SP 4942 USA
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